Jessica Shirk


Brian Fahey

Jessica Shirk and Brian Fahey

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Our Story

Did you ever think a blind date could turn into your forever? In May 2017, Jess was working for a healthcare company where she met the infamous matchmaker, Ginny who quickly took Jess under her wing. Now, Ginny is great friends with Brian's mom, Debbie, and needless to say, Ginny got to work. Within a week or so, Brian had his first date with Jess in downtown West Chester, PA and the rest is history!

Fast forward two years to December 14, 2019 - Brian wanted to come home from D.C. and spend the weekend in Philly. Jess protested, because she did not want to travel another weekend, but Brian persisted. He had a plan. Saturday morning rolled around, the weather was gross & rainy but Brian wanted to take Rudy to the dog park. After Rudy's run they took a short hike through Rockford Park in Wilmington, DE. It was there on that dreary winter morning that Brian popped the question, dropping to one knee and proposing with his with his grandmother's beautiful diamond ring! She said "YEAH!"

Later that day the couple made their way from Wilmington to Philly where they hit all of their favorite spots, eventually meeting up with their two families for dinner at Ristorante Pesto. Continuing the celebrations with our family + friends at another one of their favorites, Cherry Street Tavern.

It was the end of a perfect day.

Cheers to forever!
Petra Kern